Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) is issued by ARIA Spectre Sdn Bhd. on behalf of itself and its related corporations (collectively “our”, “us”, “we”, or “ARIA Spectre”). This Policy describes how we process your personal information. This Privacy Policy is part of, and incorporated into, the Terms of Use for any services we provide or made available to you (“Services”); or (ii) any user agreement entered into between you and us for any of our Services (if relevant). Because such Terms of Use and your User Agreement (if any) include subjects that may not be covered in this Policy, and may narrow or modify the scope of our use of information under this Policy, please review such other agreements carefully. This Policy serves to inform you that your personal information is being processed by us and/or our related corporations and you hereby give your consent to the processing of your personal information.



Your personal information is being or is to be collected from a variety of sources, including without limitation:


Our Services also gather information whenever you visit, log in or otherwise interact with them. As with other websites and interactive services, whenever you interact with our Services, your computer, mobile phone or tablet (a “Device”) and its software transmits a “request” to us. That request includes non-personal information received from your Device (and its software) necessary for us to identify and appropriately route the information your Device is requesting. These “requests” and “replies” are the backbone of all websites and Internet services. Therefore, whenever you carry out any of the following activities your device and its software are sending non-personal information to us:

Therefore, even if you do not register with us or submit any personal information on our Services, our Engagement Tools automatically receive information about your Device and the software running on it. We call such data “Engagement Data.”

Engagement Data often includes elements such as the date and time a “request” is made, the model of the Device making the “request,” the type and version of operating system running on a Device (e.g., Mac OS or Microsoft Windows), the browser making the request (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox), routing information, IP address, the Device’s geographic location, search terms a user enters, what URL a Device most recently visited, and, if a mobile application is used, an anonymous unique number. Engagement Data generally does not personally identify a Device’s user. However, it can be combined with personal information. If so, we treat such combined information the same way we treat personal information. Additionally, in the event that our Engagement Tools collect data elements that contain personal information, we treat those data elements as personal information.

You have the ability to control how certain Engagement Tools operate by modifying the settings on your Device or its software. Most browsers, for example, allow you to refuse accepting cookies, and many mobile Devices allow you to disable the sending of location information. In some cases, doing these things could diminish the performance of our Services or render them inoperable. We do not respond to browser-based “do not track” signals. To learn more about Engagement Tools and how we use Engagement Data please see our Engagement Tools page and the section below entitled “How Information is Used.”


We work with certain third parties who deploy their own engagement tools on our Services. In some instances they do so exclusively on our behalf. In other instances, they may retain and use the data they collect pursuant to their privacy policies. These Third Party Tools are frequently deployed by companies providing online advertising services or analytics, but they may be deployed in other contexts as well, such as social media plug-ins. We treat personal and non-personal information that we receive from these Third Party Tools the same way we treat personal and non-personal information that we directly collect from our Services. We, however, do not control how these third parties manage the information they gather. Please see our Third Party Tools for more information. In the event that you provide your personal information to any of the Third Party Tools providers, you grant your consent for us to use your personal information in accordance with this Policy.


We may collect a variety of your personal information including but not limited to your name, e-mail address, contact number and/or other personal information which is submitted or made available by you to us and all other personal information we again collect from you on any subsequent occasion. Information you submit to us that identifies you or can be used to contact you (e.g., email or mailing address) is your “personal information.” This includes identifiers that a governmental authority, financial institution or insurance carrier may use to uniquely identify you (e.g., a Identity number, credit card or ACH account number). When we combine non-personal information with personal information, or non-personal information with other non-personal information in a way that renders the combined information personal information, we treat that combined information the same way we treat personal information. When we combine personal information with information from third party sources, we also treat that combined information the same way we treat personal information.



We may also use non-personal information to prepare aggregate reports for current or future advertisers, sponsors or other partners to show trends about the general use of our Services. Such reports may include anonymised data such as age, gender, geographic, demographic or other general user information, but do not include personal information.


It is obligatory that you supply us the details marked with asterisk (*) during the registration or singing-up process (collectively, “compulsory personal information”). If you fail to supply us the compulsory personal information, we may refuse to process your personal information for any of the Purposes and/or result in us being unable to provide you with the services and/or products requested. From time to time, we may request your consent or authorization (your “consent”) in connection with the use or sharing of your information. In some instances, this will be because your User Agreement, this Policy or applicable law or regulations requires us to obtain such consent. In other instances, such consent will be for informational purposes. In the latter case, the request to obtain your consent should not be interpreted as narrowing the scope or applicability of your User Agreement or this Policy – by entering into your User Agreement or using the applicable Services, you have accepted and agreed to our information handling practices in the manner described in your User Agreement and this Policy. In cases where you consent or “opt-in” to the use or sharing of your personal information, you will have the ability to rescind your consent and “opt-out” of our use or sharing of such information in the future. You have the right to contact us with any inquiries or complaints in respect of your personal information (including the possible choices and means for limiting the processing of your personal information or to cease or not begin processing your personal information for purposes of direct marketing) by contacting us through the details below. In that event, we will refrain from further use or sharing of such information, but we may not be able to require the removal of such information from the databases of the recipients with whom such information has been shared.